The Art of Being Grateful

It is no secret that gratefulness is associated with life satisfaction and happiness. However, the true test is when life does not go your way. When things go wrong what really do we have to be grateful about?

It was something that struck me hard when I met Shrikanth for the first time at WARDS. Shrikant is a young boy bursting with energy with a naughty grin and an enthusiasm level to match that of a stadium full of Yo Yo Honey Singh fans!

He didn’t expect life to give him everything he deserved but he is also not the kind to have any conditions to his happiness. All he cares about is when someone enters, he has to strike a conversation, make them feel welcome, shake their hands frantically and grin happily! Running around all over the place , pulling this , pushing that ,the word “fitness” doesn’t exist in his dictionary. It’s simply called “having fun.” 

This time he sat crying and tearing up (over something he conveniently forgot). We crowded around him and asked him to pose for a picture. Before the sentence was over, the tears disappear and a toothy smile takes it place . Literally the cutest thing on earth! (Of course he went back to crying once the picture was taken).Children have always had it in them to melt my heart at the drop of a hat.


Srikanth is a star and he totally acts like one. Recently a small limp was noticed and reported. He bravely wouldn’t acknowledge it or complain but he had been quietly suffering from a knee displacement . The child like the hero that he is, tolerated and gracefully smiled at all of us even when in pain .

The whole team at WARDS, headed by Mr.Kathavarayan  quickly took matters into their hands and with some financial support from people here at Quadwave, got Srikath admitted to Sparsh Hospital where he underwent an operation for his knee.

IMG-20140716-WA0008 IMG-20140716-WA0009                          IMG-20140716-WA0012


Srikant is the same as ever, smiling at everyone but the only difference is he no more winces in pain or subconsciously rubs his sore knee.

There is such peace and contentment on his face and that is only because he is grateful and happy no matter what is happening in his life. I don’t know if the child will ever realize the impact he has made in my life . He inspires me to take life as it comes with a huge smile on my face, randomly being nice to people around me and never forgetting to appreciate and be grateful for every little or big thing in life.


Pooja Premnath


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