Money = Time

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We Indians might have our own take on IST and joke about those who are always punctual, but we all know how important time is. Especially when you are a working professional, you certainly know the importance of clocking in the number of hours you have worked. That is when you start thinking that time is money.

However, if you were to take one hour of your time and visit the nearby WARDS or PAPCP and see for yourself what it’s like, you’d certainly come to a different understanding of time.

My team and I have been visiting WARDS recently to set up the Independence Day activity there next month and the foremost feeling that I get there is of peace. There’s no rush, there’s no race to be somewhere. For me, time literally stands still there, as we talk to the students, interact with those who make the paper bags, like Lalitha, or simply watch the antics of some of these kids who get really excited on seeing us.

Bittersweet feelings crop up inside me when I’m there and although I’m smiling at the kids, as a mother of two children, I also feel a sense of sadness looming inside me. Sadness mostly at the unfairness of life which has deprived these sweet children of a normal life. Almost immediately, I rebuke myself internally because these children are happy to be here. You can see it in their faces. So who am I to judge what is normal for them? You have to see Shrikant’s smile or Shilpa’s enthusiasm to know what I mean.

There are indeed lessons to be learned from a visit to WARDS and none of it has to do with pity. In fact, you will come back a richer person, having known these wonderful children, their zest for life and the way they cope with whatever has been dealt to them. But talking of riches, or, err…money, I also wanted to let you know, that time maybe money for most people but sometimes, it’s also the other way around.

Giving money doesn’t seem like such a big deal if you compute it in terms of hours. So while we would appreciate it if you could come and spend some of your time with us during the various QCares activities, we would be even more glad if you can give away the monetary equivalent of your time for QCares.

Quite a few people have started coming in with their donations (cheque only please) but if we can get more of you to donate, it would be simply fantastic. The last date for QCares donations is July 31st. We might push it a little ahead if required, but no later than August 7th, so please don’t delay. Time is of the essence here. And like our poster so succinctly says, Money = Time.

Andaleeb Wajid


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