A Blood Donation Camp’aign’ with a Difference

Blood donation is a personal choice. So when we were informed that there was to be a Blood Donation Camp at Quadwave on 1st September, as part of QCares, we realized, we couldn’t just go up to people and ask them to give blood. One of the reasons was that not everyone is eligible to donate blood. Most people are deficient in iron and such people cannot donate. Also, there are some people who may have donated recently and these too would be ruled out naturally.

Nevertheless, we wanted to create a different buzz around the blood donation camp this time and our team got thinking. We weren’t too keen on taking people on a guilt trip. And although we knew that blood donation is a serious matter, we decided to take a fun approach to it. Wait a minute. Did we just say fun? Yes!

But what can be fun about blood donation? Well, for one, you can’t think of blood (these days at least) without thinking of a vampire. Yes! We thought we would use a vampire as a mascot and get people interested in the campaign. So a week before the blood donation was due, we sent out an email with this picture.

Introducing Waldo
Introducing Waldo

Then, slowly we built up the interest with these posters that were sent as emails and we even printed some of them and put them up.

blood donation 2nd poster blood donation poster 3

The Blood Donation camp set up with the help of Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar (Rotary TTK Blood Bank) and the indefatigable Lata Amashi was a huge success. We collected a fair number of units of blood and Waldo, was indeed a very happy vampire at the end of it.

Waldo singing because he's happy!
Waldo singing because he’s happy!

Well, all fun and jokes aside, blood donation is a serious matter. There are so many people who are in need of blood, literally every few seconds and blood is indeed something that only one human being can give to another.

Thanks to the efforts of those at Quadwave who came forward willingly to donate blood, many lives have been saved. There’s always a shortage of blood, no matter what you think. Accidents, operations, hemorrhages – all these ghastly incidents take away the lives of many loved ones. Blood donation, often times, is the only thing that can save lives.

Don’t hesitate. Donate.


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